Grain Handler has been a leading manufacturer of grain handling equipment for over 30 years, the primary product being the "Continuous Mix-Flow Dryers".

The Grain Handler and its energy maximizing dryers are capable of drying virtually any type of grain that needs to be dried.

Grain Handler owners consistently see higher quality grain, an increased test weight a lower energy cost per bushel.

  • 400 - 7100 bph drying capability

  • Up to 5000 bph drying capacity on single phase, fan under models

  • All G90 Galvanize Construction

  • Most advanced gas train available

  • Advanced single control panel

  • Food grade quality drying of any commodity

  • Enclosed top eliminates moisture problems from weather

Did you know Grain Handler also makes conveyors, grain pumps, elevators, catwalks & support towers, dump pits, bunkers and hopper bins? We manufacture everything needed to move your grain. If you want high quality equipment with a shorter lead time than other major suppliers contact your local Dealer or reach out to us directly to discuss your specific needs.